Hey there loungers,

And just like that, it’s September. Tough pill to swallow since it feels like we’ve hardly had a summer here in Amsterdam, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for a late September heatwave🤞🏼

This time of year always reminds me of getting ready to go back to school after summer vacation. Stocking up on school supplies, coordinating new outfits, and feeling all the butterflies. While I may not be getting ready for school, the transition from summer to fall, to me, can feel more like a new start than January 1st. Time to check back in with myself and see how I can up my self-care game and make my life a little more enjoyable! 

  1. EAT - restaurants are open but quarantine has taught me; there really is nothing like a home cooked meal with friends. This Thai turmeric chicken and noodles is a total crowd-pleaser.
  2. DO - fall cleaning! Love summer for the sunshine, love fall for the outfits. I’ve pulled my blanket scarf out of the closet - it truly is the perfect, transitional layering piece. Pro tip: keep draped on your desk chair for when it gets chilly at the office. 
  3. LISTEN - this podcast is my new obsession. Feels fun and light but is packed with knowledge and tips. I listen while cleaning my apartment: two birds, one stone. 

The end of summer can be tough, but let's not get in our feelings and focus on all the exciting times ahead! I know that we have some very exciting things cooking up at KCST that we cannot wait to share!

How are you getting ready for Fall?

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