Partners to be proud of...

LOCATION Zhongshan, China

South Ocean is the ultimate knitwear specialist. With a team of highly skilled workers who share a passion for knitwear, South Ocean is a much-respected factory that employs a lot of people in the region. Like us, South Ocean is dedicated to continuing to reduce their footprint. To achieve this, they work with an environmental assessment tool that compares the carbon footprint of raw materials and factories, enabling them to select more efficient suppliers to work with.

LOCATION Barcelos, Portugal
Consifex is a family-run business known for their high quality standards. From our very first visit we had a good feeling here. We produce all of our organic cotton styles at Consifex. They are a perfect match for KCST as they continue to innovate and offer increasingly more sustainable fabric options. Their incredible production team that has been there for us every step of the way!