The Cashmere Track Pant - Mid Grey


Ready to level up your loungewear? These 100% cashmere track pants are the ultimate. An intarsia knit double stripe down the sides add a chic touch. Elastic waistband and cuffs ensure the perfect fit. In short: comfort never looked this good! Wear with The Cashmere Crewneck to complete the look. 

100% cashmere.

Made at South Ocean factory in China.

Please note: Cashmere may grow. Always fold, never hang.

Some pilling may occur.
Pilling is a natural occurrence in cashmere caused by friction. It’s a natural part of the life of a cashmere pant. However, our fibers are longer than most so this won’t happen as much as lesser quality cashmere. When it does happen, consider buying a cashmere comb (Google it). Comb in one direction and shake out. Boom. Better than new.

- Regular fit
- Ribbed waistband with inner elastic and drawstring
- Ribbed cuffs with inner elastic
- Intarsia knit sport stripe on sides
- Size down if you prefer a more fitted look

- Check the care label first
- Dry clean with care
- Hand-wash in cold water (30°C)
- Use cashmere-friendly washing powder

- Dry The Cashmere item flat, on a towel to ensure that it keeps its shape
- Air-dry, but out of the sun

- Do not iron
- Do not bleach

- Fabric: 100% cashmere
- Main label: 100% recycled polyester
- Care label: 100% recycled satin
- Hangtag: FSC paper

Traceable cashmere from ethical farms in Inner Mongolia. Our cashmere partner follows strict standards for land preservation, animal welfare and workers' rights and it committed to farming cashmere in the most sustainable way possible.

- Sustainability begins at the source, which is why traceability is key to bringing transparency and aligning stakeholders to pursue sustainable practices at every level of the supply chain.
- Traceability ensures that cashmere yarn comes from the ethical farms that we have chosen to work with; farms that treat workers and animals with care and respect.

- 5 wears: € 53,80
- 10 wears: € 26,90
- 25 wears: € 10,76
- 50 wears: € 5,38

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