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Not your grandfather's cardigan. The Cozy Cardigan has a relaxed fit and is made in our luxe machine washable cashmere blend. It has functional center front buttons so you can wear it open or closed depending on your mood. We love layering it over our workout gear en route to the gym or pairing it with The Cozy Shorts for a cozy-chic monochrome look.Wear with The Cozy Pant or The Cozy Shorts.

10% cashmere 90% extrafine merino wool

Made at South Ocean factory in China.

Please note: Some pilling may occur.
Pilling is a natural occurrence in cashmere caused by friction. It’s a natural part of the life of a cashmere sweater. However, our fibers are longer than most so this won’t happen as much as lesser quality cashmere. When it does happen, consider buying a cashmere comb (Google it). Comb in one direction and shake out. Boom. Better than new.

- Cardigan
- Slightly oversized fit
- Ribbed hem + cuffs
- Tonal logo embroidery at back right

- Check the care label first
- Machine wash cold or 30°C
- Use wool-friendly washing powder

- Dry The Cozy item flat, on a towel to ensure that it keeps its shape
- Air-dry, but out of the sun

- Iron at low heat
- Do not bleach

- Fabric: 10% cashmere 90% extrafine merino wool
- Main label: 100% recycled polyester
- Care label: 100% recycled satin
- Hangtag: FSC paper

Traceable cashmere from ethical farms in Inner Mongolia. Our cashmere partner follows strict standards for land preservation, animal welfare and workers' rights and is committed to farming cashmere in the most sustainable way possible.

Wool is a naturally produced, biodegradable, and renewable fiber. Our extrafine merino wool is sourced from a humane farm in South Africa. Our partner is dedicated to ensuring that the lambs have a good quality of life and are treated ethically.

- Humane wool farmers participate in the ethical treatment of animals.
- When it comes to shearing, precision and care for the animal is prioritized.

- 5 wears: € 31,80
- 10 wears: € 15,90
- 25 wears: € 6,36
- 50 wears: € 3,18

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